Sony Clie

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Updated 28 June 2015

In the previously mentioned links you can find a great deal helpful things for Sony's Clie line of PDAs. In the webpages, you will find original Sony Clie drivers, guides, Computer applications, and video games. Within the Download webpages you can find programs which are difficult to find but very helpful, mostly for TH55 and UX40/50 users. At the Discussion boards, you can find (hopefully) excellent help with a variety of issues you may encounter with your Clie. You will find stage-by-step manuals to setting up wi-fi hotsyncing and setting up the original hotsync motorists. If you just want to chat about your Clie, feel free to check out. Lastly, in the Links section, there exists a listing of web sites which i really feel are related to the Clie. Thanks to our main sponsor iPowerBuddy for helping fund us

Any questions or problems, please email me and dont forget to grab the latest Selfie stick on amazon before the deal runs out soon.

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